Promotional models at trade shows, conventions and other events of this kind can really help companies with presentation, demonstration and advertisement. Together with a booth staff they can make a really successful team that is capable to fulfill all the goals you set. However the models by themselves won't pull off the show, that's why  it takes a lot of planning and preparing work to make everything go like a clockwork.

Does an unmanned trade show booth attract many customers? Of course not. You need living people to breathe life into any convention, booth or event. Either you can staff a booth yourself, or you can hire professional representatives to do it for you. If you're smart, you'll hire the professionals. Promo girls are more than just attractive faces. They give any event an unforgettable life of its own, indoors or out. Promotional models are intelligent, dedicated professionals who care about your business and its success. Hire them as servers, demonstrators, instructors, greeters, assistants, runners or booth hostesses. Use them at trade show displays, conventions, hospitality suites, corporate meetings, liquor promos or for any other business gatherings or advertising purposes.

Hiring promo models

Sometimes a good idea isn't good enough to keep a company in business. If no one knows about the idea, what good is in it? A business needs more than just creation. It must sustain itself through word of mouth and advertising. Conventions, display booths, promotions and other events are excellent methods for businesses to get the word out. For a convention, booth, display or demonstration to be effective, potential customers need to remember it or they may never purchase products or services in the future. So this must be a good combination of a trade show display and people who work at it. So keep this in mind when preparing for your next event. You may want to rent or buy some of exhibition products, for example, trade show counters and podiums by Exhibe Portable, add your logos, branded images and graphics and choose and train models and staff and all together it will contribute into success of your marketing efforts.

It has been said that if a customer doesn't remember a specific business two weeks after an event, there is little chance these customers will visit the business in the future. Building outstanding customer relations and memories are important tricks to attracting customers. Without outstanding customer relations, it can be tough to promote an upswing in sales. Promotional models are an excellent way to help get the pendulum moving. Promo girls help customers remember your company.

Events- An emerging trend

In the recent times, a new trend that has emerged in the field of promotions is that of holding events. Business owners usually conduct such events in public places, malls and other such places. For instance, a particular brand will have five day promotion event in a popular mall. During these five days, it will be doing heavy promotions. For the event, the organizer or the business owner may also hire promo models apart from actors and other such artists.

Thus, besides marketing a company or brand traditionally, businesses also opt for unconventional and emerging platforms like events and brand activations. This helps the business to fulfill its aim of field promotions or field marketing. Essentially, field marketing is a concept where samples are distributed and products are showcased among a gathered audience. This activity calls for manpower, limelight and the right resources. For the manpower, the business owner may choose to hire those models who are trained in events involving brand promotion. Such models are typically known as promotional models. There are several event management firms involved in handling the nitty gritty of such events. Such firms will assist the brand or the company to hire the right promo models. If one does not have an idea from where to hire these models, the internet is the best resource. With a simple search online and find out about various models working under different event management firms.