Promotional models at trade shows, conventions and other events of this kind can really help companies with presentation, demonstration and advertisement. Together with a booth staff they can make a really successful team that is capable to fulfill all the goals you set. However the models by themselves won't pull off the show, that's why  it takes a lot of planning and preparing work to make everything go like a clockwork.

Does an unmanned trade show booth attract many customers? Of course not. You need living people to breathe life into any convention, booth or event. Either you can staff a booth yourself, or you can hire professional representatives to do it for you. If you're smart, you'll hire the professionals. Promo girls are more than just attractive faces. They give any event an unforgettable life of its own, indoors or out. Promotional models are intelligent, dedicated professionals who care about your business and its success. Hire them as servers, demonstrators, instructors, greeters, assistants, runners or booth hostesses. Use them at trade show displays, conventions, hospitality suites, corporate meetings, liquor promos or for any other business gatherings or advertising purposes.

Hiring promo models

Sometimes a good idea isn't good enough to keep a company in business. If no one knows about the idea, what good is in it? A business needs more than just creation. It must sustain itself through word of mouth and advertising. Conventions, display booths, promotions and other events are excellent methods for businesses to get the word out. For a convention, booth, display or demonstration to be effective, potential customers need to remember it or they may never purchase products or services in the future. So this must be a good combination of a trade show display and people who work at it. So keep this in mind when preparing for your next event. You may want to rent or buy some of exhibition products, for example, trade show counters and podiums by Exhibe Portable, add your logos, branded images and graphics and choose and train models and staff and all together it will contribute into success of your marketing efforts.

It has been said that if a customer doesn't remember a specific business two weeks after an event, there is little chance these customers will visit the business in the future. Building outstanding customer relations and memories are important tricks to attracting customers. Without outstanding customer relations, it can be tough to promote an upswing in sales. Promotional models are an excellent way to help get the pendulum moving. Promo girls help customers remember your company.

Events- An emerging trend

In the recent times, a new trend that has emerged in the field of promotions is that of holding events. Business owners usually conduct such events in public places, malls and other such places. For instance, a particular brand will have five day promotion event in a popular mall. During these five days, it will be doing heavy promotions. For the event, the organizer or the business owner may also hire promo models apart from actors and other such artists.

Thus, besides marketing a company or brand traditionally, businesses also opt for unconventional and emerging platforms like events and brand activations. This helps the business to fulfill its aim of field promotions or field marketing. Essentially, field marketing is a concept where samples are distributed and products are showcased among a gathered audience. This activity calls for manpower, limelight and the right resources. For the manpower, the business owner may choose to hire those models who are trained in events involving brand promotion. Such models are typically known as promotional models. There are several event management firms involved in handling the nitty gritty of such events. Such firms will assist the brand or the company to hire the right promo models. If one does not have an idea from where to hire these models, the internet is the best resource. With a simple search online and find out about various models working under different event management firms.

Over the years there have been many beautiful models that have captivated the public, the following is a list of the top 5 models of all time. These are women whose beauty and grace has elevated them to the peak of the modeling world and captured the imaginations of many around the globe. While there can be arguments about anything as subjective as picking out the top 5 models of all time, the following women are all deserving of their spot on this list.

1. Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is without a doubt one of the most influential and famous super models of all time. From the catwalk to hundreds of magazine covers, to nude photo layouts in a prominent men's magazine, Cindy Crawford has literally done it all in the world of modeling. She first came to prominence in the late 1980s, and even though she has been in the limelight for nearly 3 decades now she continues to be a commanding presence in the worlds of fashion and modeling.

Cindy Crawford

2. Naomi Campbell

This British supermodel was as famous for her stunning looks as she was for her outrageous behavior. While her attitude at times was far from ideal, her beauty and charisma made her irresistible to anyone looking for a model that would put their brand on the map. Naomi Campbell was the first black woman to appear on the cover of Time magazine, and was also the firs black woman to appear on the cover of French Vogue. Of course in addition to her numerous magazine cover appearances she was also famous as a runway model that demanded the attention of everyone each time she stepped out onto the catwalk.

3. Elle MacPherson

They didn't call Elle MacPherson "the body" for nothing, they did it because she had a figure that was just as amazing as her angelic face. In fact that amazing body catapulted her to the top of the fashion industry and earned her a record 5 cover appearances for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. Much like Cindy Crawford Elle MacPherson also quickened the pulse of more than a few men when she also famously posed nude for a men's magazine. Today she continues to model, and has also tried her hand at acting and also has a successful line of home fitness videos.

4. Claudia Schiffer

This famous supermodel has graced over 500 magazine covers. Over 500. That's an amazing accomplishment that few other models could ever hope to duplicate. Famous for strutting her stuff on the runway, as well as representing Guess and Revlon, this is one supermodel who at the top her game had few peers in the fashion industry.

5. Christie Brinkley

Much like Claudia Schiffer Christie Brinkley has also graced over 500 magazine covers. That fact alone should tell you just how lofty of heights her famed reached at one point in time. Not only was she one of the most iconic if not the most iconic cover model of all time, she was also once famously married to rock star Billie Joel. Today Christie Brinkley is a bit older, but despite her more advanced age she remains a true beauty and icon.

There is a popular term in the fashion industry that defines the glamor, beauty, and success of the lucrative business but what do you know about it. Well, it's time to model down history’s runway for some interestingly overlooked facts.

The term 'model' is a close cousin to the French word 'model' used descriptively to describe an individual posing for a portrait. Yes, the art of posing also started way back before the camera took on the red carpet to becoming an iconic invention. As such, the portraits were brought to life through artistic paintings that later led to the growth of the modeling industry.

Finding Your Modeling Chi

If your interests and passion are in the modeling industry, then you have realized by now that the art of modeling draws its roots way back in time and that it is not just a single branch but a branch of branches. The network keeps growing, and it is not stopping for a commercial break anytime soon.

Modeling is just a container that hosts multiple modeling types. The variability is meant to accommodate all the models with potential prospects in the industry as some models only fit in a particular category while others can co-exist in multiple categories. Thus, it would have been a damaging mistake if the modeling industry only existed as a single solid unit without any flexibility in mind. That said, let us link some popular modeling types with their best relational jobs.

fashion model

Fashion Model

Amongst all the modeling categories, fashion modeling stands out as the most exclusive and difficult to get into due to its stringent requirements. The fashion model agency assesses its prospect candidates based on height, age, and size requirements. Based on gender, the requirements vary as follows:

Estimated Traits For Female Fashion Models

5'9'' to 6'' height requirement

16 to 21 years old age requirement

0 to 4 size requirement

105 to 130 lbs weight requirement

34-24-34 measurement requirement

Estimated Traits For Male Fashion Models

5'11'' to 6'2'' height requirement

18 to 25 years old age requirement

140 to 165 lbs weight requirement

40 to 42 jacket size, 30 to 34 sleeve size, 15 to 151/2 neck shirt size, and 29'' to 32'' waist measurement requirement.

Editorial Fashion Model

If you are a fun of the editorial spread of pages like Glamour, Vogue, and Elle, then you are well familiar with these models. To be shortlisted in this category requires you also to meet the Fashion Model requirements. New York is the home ground for the editorial fashion agencies, but its career applicability is viable in major cities like Chicago and Los Angeles and also overseas.

Fashion Catalogue Model

The requirements here are slightly less restrictive, but its standards remain rigid nonetheless and therefore not a short cut into the modeling industry. They are mostly involved in Clothing catalogs and mainly pose in outfits.

Runway Model

They expertise in walking the catwalk or the runway. They are mostly hired for their body types so as to display a specific clothing designer's fashion garments. They mostly insist on height, slenderness, and measurements compatible with a standard clothing size. Most importantly, the model must know his/her way on the runway.

fashion modeling

Commercial Model

Their job requirements involve trade shows, magazines, television shows, campaigns, catalogs, and print advertisements. Neither height nor weight requirements apply in the field of a commercial model. It is the perfect jackpot to venture your modeling career.

Glamour Model

The main focus here is primarily on the model's beauty and appeal. All you have to do to survive in this agency is just to be pretty, attractive, have a beautiful body, and some 'sex appeal' but you must be at least 18 years old. They are very applicable in calendars, music videos, and magazines.

Plus Size Model

They are the full figured models as a result of not meeting the size requirements that fits the mainstream modeling agencies. They have pretty faces, fuller figures, and weigh more. They function well as catalog models for designers with plus-sized clothing brands. They also fit very well as commercial models, and thus they job opportunities are limitless.

What is trade show modeling? Trade show modeling is basically hiring someone to help promote your brand at a trade show. This can be either a professional mode, a greeter, or some sort of brand ambassador to help generate sales and show off your material. These professional models will impress anyone who approaches your booth by engaging them in conversation and by answering any basic questions that one may have.

modeling at trade shows

Now this is great, but you may be asking yourself, why should I use a trade show model? Well the first answer is to help promote your products. If you have some sort of wearable technology, the model can show off the gear and demonstrate its uses. Not only that, but before the show itself, you can instruct them on the basics of the product to allow them to answer questions for you.
The next best answer to this question is that they can help hand out marketing materials. There are a ton of people at these trade shows, and often times you do not want your down time being spent handing out materials. These models can help bring people to your booth and hand out any materials that you may have.

It also takes a certain kind of personality to mingle with people and attract them towards your booth. Not everyone is the most social able, so having someone designated to mingle and talk with the potential customers is a great strength. Now, this is also an advantage because instead of having to pull one of your employees from the office, you’ll have someone ready and available. Pulling someone from the office has a huge cost because they will not be able to innovate and come up with new ideas to further your company, and instead will be busy handing out materials.

The next important thing to consider is that models will definitely encourage more people to leave their information to contact them. There was a brief study done, and when approached by a model, people are friendlier and generally more likely to remember your brand and leave any contact information for business. Its hard to resist a pretty face and people are definitely influenced by this first impression. A trade show model can be this first impression at the large convention and definitely lead to more potential work.

models for presentations

Having an onsite model can save you time and money. If you have a booth at an upcoming trade show, you can hire local talent and staff to engage in the people who are coming to these events. You should also consider bringing an additional on site employee who can answer the more technical questions, but other than that, the models will be able to promote and engage any who come visit your booth.

It is definitely worth it to take advantage of a trade show model for your exhibits at a trade show, especially if you have a large booth. These models will help fill up the booth and provide nice and welcoming faces to the people attending these events. They can also help with demonstrations and handing out promotional materials.