Trade Show Modeling

What is trade show modeling? Trade show modeling is basically hiring someone to help promote your brand at a trade show. This can be either a professional mode, a greeter, or some sort of brand ambassador to help generate sales and show off your material. These professional models will impress anyone who approaches your booth by engaging them in conversation and by answering any basic questions that one may have.

modeling at trade shows

Now this is great, but you may be asking yourself, why should I use a trade show model? Well the first answer is to help promote your products. If you have some sort of wearable technology, the model can show off the gear and demonstrate its uses. Not only that, but before the show itself, you can instruct them on the basics of the product to allow them to answer questions for you.
The next best answer to this question is that they can help hand out marketing materials. There are a ton of people at these trade shows, and often times you do not want your down time being spent handing out materials. These models can help bring people to your booth and hand out any materials that you may have.

It also takes a certain kind of personality to mingle with people and attract them towards your booth. Not everyone is the most social able, so having someone designated to mingle and talk with the potential customers is a great strength. Now, this is also an advantage because instead of having to pull one of your employees from the office, you’ll have someone ready and available. Pulling someone from the office has a huge cost because they will not be able to innovate and come up with new ideas to further your company, and instead will be busy handing out materials.

The next important thing to consider is that models will definitely encourage more people to leave their information to contact them. There was a brief study done, and when approached by a model, people are friendlier and generally more likely to remember your brand and leave any contact information for business. Its hard to resist a pretty face and people are definitely influenced by this first impression. A trade show model can be this first impression at the large convention and definitely lead to more potential work.

models for presentations

Having an onsite model can save you time and money. If you have a booth at an upcoming trade show, you can hire local talent and staff to engage in the people who are coming to these events. You should also consider bringing an additional on site employee who can answer the more technical questions, but other than that, the models will be able to promote and engage any who come visit your booth.

It is definitely worth it to take advantage of a trade show model for your exhibits at a trade show, especially if you have a large booth. These models will help fill up the booth and provide nice and welcoming faces to the people attending these events. They can also help with demonstrations and handing out promotional materials.

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